Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn a Second Language

Expand Your Child’s Mind

Your child is developing new skills every single day. With so much on their plate already, you might be wondering why you should consider enrolling your child in lessons to learn Portuguese. You might not realize it, but learning a second language has countless benefits that supplement the skills they’re already learning. Check out these reasons for your child to learn a second language, and enroll them in Brazilingo today!
Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn a Second Language

Easier to Start Young

When children are younger, they have more neural pathways open and ready to reinforce than older children or adults. Language is one of those areas in the brain that’s open. This makes it as easy for them to learn a second language as is for them to learn their first language. Children are also uninhibited by the fear of making mistakes, allowing them to take more risks and learn faster.

Helps Improve Other Skills

When you enroll your child in private language classes, like to learn Portuguese for example, they are also boosting other skills while learning the language. Problem-solving, critical thinking, listening, memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask are a few of the soft skills they’ll improve. Writing, reading, and math skills often come easier to children who learn a second language as well because of the increased cognition.

Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn a Second Language
Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn a Second Language

Expands Their Perspective

Language is based on culture, which means your child will learn as much about the culture of a language as the language itself. This helps widen their perspective of the world, allowing them not only to communicate with more people groups but also to better empathize with more people groups.

It’s Fun and Engaging 

With so much of the world around them to discover, children have fun with each new thing they learn about. They enjoy the learning process, especially if it gives them a new word to call something by. Their curiosity will keep them engaged to continue learning new words and phrases — especially ones that don’t exist in their first language!

Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn a Second Language

Enroll Your Child in Brazilingo Today

With Brazilingo, your child can learn Portuguese quickly and with support. We offer an online camp for language immersion, as well as private lessons designed specifically for children. Enroll your child today so they can start experiencing all the benefits of learning a second language.