Get Deeper with Portuguese

Join us on Mondays at 8:00 pm BRT (São Paulo) starting October 4, 2021

for this 16 week course!

Getting Deeper with Portuguese

Start Communicating with ALL your friends and family

It’s not fun to be the only one in the room who has no clue what’s being said. You know what I’m talking about – the smile and nod thing. It’s time to start joining the conversations!

Invest in yourself

Open the door to endless possibilities.

Travel with confidence. 

Grow your network.

Make new friends.

Gain a totally new perspective.

What Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes

Getting Deeper with Portuguese

Diana Soares Meet Your Teacher

I was born and raised in São Paulo, the largest and most populous city in Brazil. São Paulo is cosmopolitan and people from around the world come here and bring their language, culture, cuisine and religion. It is not surprising that my passion for languages came when I was still a teenager and nowadays I dedicate myself to learning and teaching languages. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and a Master’s Degree in Foreign Literature and Translation. Teaching Portuguese, my native language, is a pleasure, a task that I wish to carry out for a lifetime, and in the meantime, I am also dedicating myself to studying other languages, among them, my favorites, Russian and German. Vamos falar português!

Getting Deeper with Portuguese


Small Group Classes

Fun, interactive online lessons!

Connect with other students.

Maximum of 8 students per class.

Practice exercises and review notes after every lesson

Discounts on private lessons

Lifetime access to our exclusive Student Community.

Certificate awarded upon successful completion of the course.

What You’ll Learn

This is Brazilian Portuguese 102. This 16 week course is for the absolute beginner. Learn the fundamentals of the language, and acquire a strong foundation in which to build upon. Join us Mondays at 8 pm BRT via Skype for these LIVE, interactive group classes! Classes start October 4th!

By the end of this course, you will be able to have basic conversations in Portuguese. You will know…

  • 6 different essential verb tenses 
  • How to talk about the weather
  • How to talk about and describe people 
  • How to talk about jobs
  • How to talk about routines
  • How to discuss future plans (travel, have a party, get together, etc..)
  • Prepositions of place
  • How to talk about your childhood
  • Vocabulary related to
    • the doctor – health, symptoms, body parts, habits
    • the store – clothing, asking questions, giving directions, quantity, size, color
    • the restaurant – ordering food, asking about the menu, bill, dietary restrictions, more food vocabulary
    • the home 
    • the workplace
    • holidays and rest days
  • And more!!
Getting Deeper with Portuguese


  • 16 online classes with a live instructor ($400 value)
  • 8 conversation group sessions ($160 value)
  • All materials – homework assignments, review notes, and test ($60 value)
  • Access to all class replays for 30 days
  • Certificate of Achievement upon completion 
  • Lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook Student Community 
  • 20% off all private lessons for 1 year (up to $1,123.20 value)
  • 14-day 100% money back guarantee

Total Value = $1,743.20!

Actual Price for this course: $129/month (x 4 months)

However, we are offering it at an extra special discount for a limited time only!

The best investment you can make is in yourself. 

Start changing your life for just 4 monthly payments of


(You probably spend that at the restaurant or on your hair.)


Getting Deeper with Portuguese

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